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Planning Commission & Board of Zoning Appeals

Planning Commission Duties

Pursuant to Chapter 713 in the Ohio Revised Code, the council of each village may establish a commission of five members, consisting of the mayor, one member of the legislative authority to be elected thereby for the remainder of his term as such member of the legislative authority, and three citizens of the village to be appointed by the mayor for terms of six years each, except that the term of one of the members of the first commission shall be for four years and one for two years. All such members shall serve without compensation.

Duties include:
A. Recommend modifications to the Zoning Code, including text and Official Zoning District Map, to the Village Council for formal adoption.
B. Initiate Advisable Official Zoning District Map changes, or changes in the text of the Zoning Code where same will promote the best interest of the public in general through recommendation to the Village Council.
C. Review all proposed amendments to the text of the Zoning Code and the Official Zoning District Map and make recommendations to the Village Council as specified in Section 1141.00 amendments.
D. Review all Planned Unit Development applications and make recommendations to the Village Council as provided in the Zoning Code.
E. Carry on a continuous review of the effectiveness and appropriateness of the Zoning Code and recommend such changes or amendments as it feels would be appropriate.

Duties of the Board of Zoning Appeals

The BZA shall be composed of five members appointed by the Mayor for terms of 5 years. The Mayor shall also appoint a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary from among the Board Members.

Duties include:
A. Hear and decide appeals where it is alleged there is an error in any order, requirement, decision, interpretation, or determination made by the Village Administrator.
B. Authorize such variances from the terms of the Zoning Code.
C. Hear and decide Conditional Uses as set forth in the Zoning Code.
D. Review all special uses and conditional uses as identified in the respective zoning districts according to provisions and criteria stated in the Zoning Code.

With Respect to the Village Council's Powers:

The powers and duties of the Village Council pertaining to the Zoning Code are as follows:
A. Approve the appointments of members to the Planning Commission by the Mayor.
B. Approve the appointments of members to the BZA by the Mayor.
C. Initiate or act upon recommended amendments to the Zoning Code or Official Zoning District Map. Final action upon a recommended zoning amendment shall be undertaken at a public hearing.
D. Override a recommendation of the Planning Commission provided that such legislative action is passed by a vote not less than of the Village Council.