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Seasonal Services

Leaf & Limb Removal

  • Brush will be picked up curbside every 1st and 3rd Tuesday, depending on volume.
  • All limbs shall be straight (cut off all Y-branches from main limbs) and placed at the curb with the cut end facing the street.
  • The maximum length shall be 6 feet and the diameter shall not exceed 6". Material that does not fall within these criteria will be left at the curb and a notice stating the reason for non-removal will be attached.
  • Small sticks and loose brush shall be bundled and stacked; a 5 gallon bucket or small plastic garbage can may be used to contain loose twigs.
  • Items prohibited for pickup include: garbage/refuse, non-organic items, lumber, construction debris, grass, garden vegetation, brushes, root balls and tree stumps. If you are unsure if an item is eligible, contact the administrative office at 693-4368.
  • Leaf removal shall begin in the fall and continue until the weather no longer permits it.

Snow Removal

The Village of Botkins Public Works Department takes snow removal and ice mitigation very seriously. The Ohio Revised Code demands that the Village make municipal roadways passable. Therefore, please help the Village and save yourself extra effort with the following tips:
  • If a heavy snow is predicted, please remove all parked cars from roadway.
  • Plows typically work in tandem. Do not begin shoveling walks and driveways until both trucks have made a complete loop through town. While drivers try not to throw snow, it will happen. Save yourself the extra labor by waiting until the roadway has been cleared.
  • The owner is responsible for clearing sidewalks in a timely manner after a snowstorm. Try not to push this snow back on the road as the plows will only throw the snow again.
  • If you must shovel or blow now in the roadway, make sure it is downstream from the direction the plow travels. Placing snow upstream will only result in blocking your driveway once again.
  • Use extreme caution on the road, especially when following snow plows.